My profile never gets verified

Modified on: 15/08/2017, 13:30

We use an automated system to verify customer information, while this is very efficient for privacy it has some down sides, unless the pictures are sharp and documents perfectly readable the system will fail. 


To make sure your application is correctly processed and automatically granted please take a few measures:

  • Make sure to use your legal name and last name.
  • Use your full, current address.
  • Take the pictures in a well-lighted place.
  • On the document picture, make sure the whole document is visible and readable.
  • On the 'ID verification photo, make sure you hold up the document slightly closer to the camera, extend your arm in front of your body in a way the whole arm and shoulder is visible along with your face and document.

This will ensure you have the best possible chance of having your application verified within a short period of time.


There are also several error messages that may appear on your profile page may something go wrong with the verification, keep an eye on your profile page for any error message, you will have a chance to correct the error and re submit the profile.


If you still encounter any problem or need assistance with the verification process do not hesitate to create a support ticket, set the ticket type as 'Profile Problem/Update Profile Information' and an agent will assist you as soon as possible.