What is an identity (ID) verification photo?

Modified on: 15/08/2017, 13:30

An identity (ID) verification photo is the most recent photo taken of the Bitxmen account holder, along with his/her identity (ID) card and a hand-written note. Below are guidelines showing how the ID card and note must be held in order to get a clear enough image of both, allowing us to reliably confirm the identity of the account holder. 

Why do we need this?
This lets us know that the image is current, and it makes it difficult for someone to fake your identity. Note: only our compliance staff trained to handle ID verification will see your images once you submit them. They are then encrypted and stored offline. You, your ID, and hand-written note should all be clearly visible.
Each piece of required ID data must be perfectly readable and in sharp focus. Any portion of your ID/note covered by your fingers, hair, pet, shadow, sleeve, jewelry, etc. will be promptly rejected, slowing down your ability to complete your profile.