Basics to get you started

Modified on: 28/07/2017, 09:49

We've collected a short list of articles from our knowledge base to assist new users in getting started with the basics of how things work in the Bitxmen platform. The links contain information that explain each of the topics in detail. Please visit the Help and Support page to explore additional topics or questions.   


1) How do I protect my account?  

We highly recommend that you enable 'two-factor authentication' or '2FA'

Articles you'll need to learn what 2FA is all about and why it's important: 

What is two-factor authentication (2FA) and why do I need it? 

How do I set up 2FA? 

By enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), you have 2 layers of protection. This enhances your account security and keeps your account protected from hackers.


2) How do I make deposits and fund my account? 

One of first things you'll need to get started is to fund your account. The following article will guide you through some simple steps: 

'How do I deposit my coins?' 

Please remember that some coins have individual rules and exceptions and some may have a minimum deposit amount. Please make sure you pay attention to these rules when making deposits. 


Bitxmen allows crypto-to-crypto only. FIAT currencies such as USD or EUR are not accepted. 


3) How do I trade coins?

Bitxmen makes trading very simple. All you need to do is select a trading pair and place an order to Buy or Sell coins based on the selected pair. 

The following article to help you with the information you'll need to begin trading:

Learn how to trade

Below is an example showing a buyer placing an order:

4) How do I withdraw funds from my account? 

Withdrawals are very similar to deposits. Please refer to the following article to guide you through these steps.

'How do I withdraw my coins?'


5) What do I do if I need help with a technical issue or a question? 

If you have transaction related or other technical issues, we have a support staff who can help you. You will need to create a separate account to login and open a support ticket. You will also be able to track the status of your ticket or contact customer support by replying to your ticket status. Here are articles to help you learn about submitting and tracking tickets. 

How do I open a support ticket? What information should I include?

What happens after I submit a support ticket? How can I track its status?