12/07/2017 , 08:36

Bitxmen.com is a product of Bitxmen Investment Consulting Co., Ltd, established on 01/07/2017. Tax code 0314489053, located at 60 Le Trung Nghia Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Bitxmen is the first and only trading platform in Vietnam that allows continuous matching with one click.

Sellers only have to transfer Coins to Bitxmen accounts and buyers need to transfer money to their Bitxmen account first. Only after 1 minute is your account the amount and amount of money that you submit to the company. When there are orders to buy on the floor, you only need to accept the purchase price or sell and then order that will match immediately for you. Then money and bits will go to your account immediately, you just do the money transfer or transfer the bit to the external account is to complete the transaction.

Because the company supports trading methods so you are assured about receiving money and bits of your account. With our method, you are assured about the assurance, quick and accurate.

Bitxmen has a number of advantages over others:

Low transaction fee: 0.5% (both for buy and sell, 0.25% for buy or sell).

Coin free

Good price, continuous order matching

Friendly interface, easy to use, new users can also easily purchase

Fast support, Bitxmen team ready to support transactions, answer any questions asked by users

Ensure absolute safety for traders.

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